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Hydrocodone Drug Abuse

Hydrocodone is a partly synthetic opiate drug used mainly as a painkiller and cough suppressant. You will find thousands of products in the market containing hydrocodone. However, the addictiveness of hydrocodone implies that anything that contains this drug is really a controlled substance that can be acquired with a doctor's prescription.

Hydrocodone took over many codeine prescriptions that was once written. Now you will more than 139 million prescriptions written every year which include hydrocodone. Together with heroin and oxycodone, hydrocodone is among the most widely used opiates for abuse which causes it to be a common addiction drug.

Millions Abuse Pain Relievers in US

According to a recent study, about 5 million people in America abuse discomfort remedies every year. Many abuse them once and many abuses them enough that urge kick in and drive further use. However, many people abuse legitimately after which find the enjoyable feeling from drug usage. This can result in drug overuse and eventually addiction.

The Deadly Side of Hydrocodone

Overuse of opiates like hydrocodone depress respiration, meaning they cause slow breathing and can certainly turn deadly. If a lot of is taken or if they're taken along with other drugs which affect breathing, like alcohol or diazepam, death can occur. Or if an addict has build up a lot of tolerance and takes more hydrocodone to balance, they might take enough to kill them.

Another method in which hydrocodone can kill is through liver destruction. Acetaminophen was apparently added into hydrocodone to deject abuse, since acetaminophen can harm the liver in high doses. But apparently many don’t know about this fact or choose to disregard it in support of a frequent way of getting high.

A couple of pharmaceutical businesses are dealing with all-hydrocodone formulations to get around this point of acetaminophen damage. Similarly, this is beneficial as there's less possibility of liver damage or failure among those who have chronic discomfort and therefore need long-term administration of discomfort medication. However, this might be a dreadful idea since it may play directly into the hands of those who want to obtain a more effective, all-hydrocodone pill.

Helping Someone Addicted to Hydrocodone

An individual who is hooked on hydrocodone needs assistance with the urges and rebuilding the self confidence that's destroyed by the drug addiction. This plus much more is provided on the Hydrocodone Rehab Program. With many years in rehabilitation, those hooked on opiates, alcohol or any other drugs are able to go home after this lengthy-term program and live a sober life. It is a comprehensive program that provides recuperating addicts the various tools they require to make drug-free options once they return to sober life.